Welcome to Vastre Vets in Newtown!

We are friendly and compassionate independent vets specialising in small family pets, including Dogs, Cats and Rabbits. Our priority is keeping your special pets fit, healthy and happy all their lives. Everything we do is specifically designed to make this as easy for you and your pets as possible.
  • More Care - Personal advice, tailored exactly to you and your pet
  • More Time - We'll always give you all the time you need
  • More Support - We are always here for you when your pet needs us most
When your pet is sick or injured, we make everything as supportive and stress free as possible, to help your pet recover quickly. When it's serious, we have all the specialist veterinary expertise and facilities your pet could need.
  • Brand new KLaser - for faster healing
  • Wide range of advice: from dentistry to dermatology...
  • Plus special breeding and showing advice + packages


Vastre Vets Newtown: Where Pets Are Special - And There's Time To Care