About Vastre Vets

Here at Vastre Vets in Newtown, we are a specialist, independent vet practice.

More Time, More Compassion

We always give you all the time and support you and your pet need.

Our standard appointments are 15 minutes ( 50% more than standard) – but they take as long as they take. We’ll often book out more time if we think you’ll need it.

We spend time getting to know our clients and your pets, so we can give you the very best advice, care and support. Many of you have been with us for years.

Individual, Tailored Advice

We believe every pet and every owner is unique – and one size doesn’t fit all!

So our advice is always tailored exactly to you and your pet. Take diet for example.
We’ll talk through all the options and find the best, healthiest and most practical solution to suit your pet and you too.

If we’re investigating or treating something more serious, we’ll always talk through all the options and give you plenty of time to think about it, before making any decisions.

Calm and Stress-free – for faster recovery

A stress free environment isn’t just more enjoyable to visit (and to work in!) – it’s very important for healing. So we’ve gone out of our way to set everything up so everything is as calm and relaxing as it can be when you and your pet visit us.

Our appointment times are fixed, so you can plan your day – and your pet doesn’t have to spend ages waiting in a noisy reception full of stressed cats hissing at barking dogs!

If your pet comes in for surgery, whenever we possibly can, we’ll arrange this so your pet can arrive shortly before the operation time, when it’s quiet – instead of coming in first thing in the morning and then being kenneled for hours, in a strange environment, away from you, with stress levels rising. We know it makes a difference.

Most of all – we’re very friendly!

We love our customers, as well as your pets – you are always welcome to drop in for a chat.
If you’ve not been to us before, please do come and look around and meet the team.

Please do give us a Call on 01686 626111 to find out more.