Vaccinations For Dogs

Dog - boxer

Vastre Vets Advice On Vaccinations for Dogs Treating sick and injured animals is obviously a very important part of any vet’s work, but we are great believers in proactive healthcare and preventative medicine.  Vaccination for puppies – and adult dogs - is the no 1 top priority starting point. If you have a new puppy, this is the first thing to make sure you get done. Here's our brief … [Read more...]

Flea Control For Cats


Flea Control is One of those Essentials When You Have Cats Fleas are pretty nasty, for you and your family, as well as your cat. Their bites are equally irritating and painful for both of you - and for your children and family. The good news is that they are simple to control, with regular treatment. What can fleas do to my cat? • Flea bites sting and itch and can be painful • Many cats … [Read more...]

Rabbit Behaviour


Rabbits are complex creatures and we’re all still learning about them and their behaviour and needs. Two’s Company Rabbits are friendly sociable animals and they need company. So don’t keep your rabbit on its own, it will not be happy. A pair of rabbits is fine, just make sure they are neutered - the best combination is a male and a female, both of which have been neutered. Chewing Rabbits … [Read more...]