Flea Control For Cats


Flea Control is One of those Essentials When You Have Cats

Fleas are pretty nasty, for you and your family, as well as your cat.

Their bites are equally irritating and painful for both of you – and for your children and family.

The good news is that they are simple to control, with regular treatment.

What can fleas do to my cat?

• Flea bites sting and itch and can be painful

• Many cats become sensitised to flea bites – which leads to intense itchiness and severe scratching; this can then cause infections and even injuries

• Fleas are also responsible for passing some tapeworms to cats.

How can I avoid my cat getting fleas?

It is practically impossible to prevent your cat coming into contact with fleas. They breed throughout the year in centrally heated homes, even ones without cats. In fact only about 5% of the fleas in your house are adult and living on your cat; 95% are eggs, larvae and pupae, waiting to develop.

So regular treatments are essential to control the problem and prevent a build up within your home, as well as on your cat.

This means using a combination of products, to attack both the adult fleas on your cats AND the immature ones within your home.

We strongly recommend that you use flea control products from a vet.  We find that many non-prescription products are simply not up to the job and just do not control fleas effectively.

Please do come in and talk to us and we’ll recommend the best, up to date products for your cat.

How flea products work

Flea products are applied on the skin, in the neck region and quickly kill the fleas on your cat.
Some products also control mites, including harvest mites and ear mites.

Separate environmental products can then be used to ‘break’ the flea breeding cycle in your home.

Most cats are perfectly happy having their flea treatments – and there’s nothing painful at all.

Please do call us on 01686 626111 if you need to top up your supplies of flea control products – or just pop in to see us.

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